Grooved Griddles-Thermostatic control

Grooved Griddles-Thermostatic control

Shown Model:ARTGG-24

• Precision machine cut grooves provide attractive broiler markings on food, 

 and also sloped to facilitate gradual grease run off

• Stainless steel rugged exterior body

• Highly polished 1” thick steel griddle plate

• “U” shaped burners for every 12” of griddle surface

• Stainless steel pilots for instant ignition on each 30K BTU burner  

• Large capacity removable grease tray 

• S/S grease trough & one piece rolled front for easy cleaning

• Energy saving thermostatic control for desired temperature setting from 250oF – 500oF (121C) (260C)

• 3” splash guard standard with 4” high splash back

• 1 thermostat per every burner

• Limited one year parts and labor warranty