WARRANTY: American Range warrants its new products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2)-years from the original date of purchase by the end-user customer, not to exceed (30) months from date of manufacture. End-user MUST provide proof of purchase from the Distributor/Dealer and installation date to American Range service agency. If no product invoice or product registration is provided, American Range warrants its new products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2-years from manufacture date only. Five-year pro-rated warranty shall apply to Fryers’ stainless steel tank only. This warranty shall be subject to the following conditions and limitations:

LIMITATIONS and EXCLUSIONS: This warranty is limited to new (non-transferable) – ranges, counter hot plates, griddles, char-broilers, teppanyaki griddles, over-fired salamander broilers, cheesemelters, custom combo ranges, convection ovens, and counter equipment sold to the original commercial user – ONLY. Products purchased and installed for residential use, or for use outside the Continental United States are excluded from this warranty. In addition light bulbs, porcelain components, glass components, thermostats and any product which has been modified by unauthorized personnel or changed from its original design, and normal parts wear and tear and maintenance are also excluded from this warranty. The liability of American Range under this warranty is limited to, at American Range’s option, the replacement or repair of any part found by American Range or an authorized service agency to not be as warranted herein, provided that written notice of defects shall be supplied to American Range within fifteen (15) days of its occurrence.

American Range shall bear normal labor and shipping charges incurred in such repair or replacement to the extent that such is performed within fifty (50) miles from an office of an authorized service agency of American Range, except that such obligation to bear labor charges shall not apply to products or parts installed outside the continental United States. Should service be required at times which normally involve premium labor rates, the owner-user shall be charged for the difference between normal service shipping rates and such premium shipping rates. All warranted parts will be shipped standard ground; anything other than ground will be at the expense of owner-user.

The warranty periods for the following other parts, are herein provided as: (a) Broiler burners’, lower and upper grates and radiants are warranted for 90 days from purchase/installation or manufacture date in cases without proper registration, (b) Mobile Food Trucks/Trailer – equipment will have 30 days warranty after installation for any American Range products installed on mobile kitchens or used for Mobile Food Service. American Range assumes no obligation for any product that has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or harsh chemical environments, and climate conditions. Normal maintenance is outlined in the instructions supplied with the product is the responsibility of the owner/user and is not part of this warranty.

INSTALLATION: American Range shall have no obligation as to any product(s) which have been misapplied, (including installation for residential use), mishandled, damaged, abused, subjected to harsh chemical action or poor water quality, modified by an unauthorized service personnel, damaged by flood, fire or other acts of God or which have the serial number removed or altered. Adjustments such as calibrations, air shutter adjustment, and adjustments to pilots and/or burners, doors, conversions, leveling, tightening of fasteners or utility connections, are the responsibility of the Owner-User (customer), Distributor, Dealer, or Certified Licensed Installer and not that of American Range. Improper installation includes, but is not limited to, use of inadequate electrical supply or wiring, undersized gas lines, insufficient or improper voltage, insufficient or improper gas pressure, improper gas type, improper ventilation.

DISCLAIMER: This warranty is in lieu of any other agreement, expressed or implied, and constitutes the only warranty of American Range with respect to its products. This states the exclusive remedy against American Range relating to the products, whether in contract, or in tort, or under any other legal theory, and whether arising out of warranties, representations, instructions, installations, or defect from any cause. American Range shall not be liable, whether in contract, or in tort, or under any other legal theory, for loss of use, revenue, or profit, or for any substitute use of performance or for incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages, or for any other loss of cost of similar nature.

WARRANTY REQUIREMENTS: For reliable operation and for your own safety, a certified/licensed contractor must install this professional cooking equipment. The end-user shall also regularly maintain and service its cooking appliance for the warranty to be in force. Failure to comply with such terms shall void any written or implied warranty. Should the equipment require service during the standard warranty period, the receipt proving certified installation must be made available to American Range for verification. If installation was not performed by a certified/licensed contractor, be prepared to submit a major credit card for payment for proper installation prior to service.